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Back from a year in Russia

For the 2014-2015 academic year, I had the privilege to conduct academic research in Russia, thanks in part to a Fulbright Student Research Grant. I spent hours in provincial and local archives; provincial libraries and museums; and conducting oral history interviews with religious believers--all in localities throughout Siberia (one of my favorite geographical regions on earth!). During my visits to Moscow, I was able to attend a few conferences and services in honor of Father Alexander Men and to spend enjoyable time with his brother, Pavel, and his nephew, Father Viktor Grigorenko. The oral history interviews--time spent in people's homes, offices, or churches with incredible Russian hospitality--were the highlight of my dissertation research. It was an honor to sit and hear people's stories. Now I am on the journey of sorting through the copious amounts of historical sources I gathered in Siberia (as well as in Moscow and St. Petersburg) and sorting them into themes for my Ph.D. dissertation and several articles. I believe it will be a fantastic journey of discovery and creativity. Thanks to all my hosts in Russia, to the churches that welcomed me in, to the archives that served me well, to my friend Yulia (who is transcribing all these wonderful interviews), and to all of you who supported me while I was away in Russia.

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