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High praise for a new academic journal about religion in Russia

I was honored to be involved in a small way with the launch of a new academic journal called State, Religion and Church. This journal would likely be a useful teaching resource for those interested in offering their students a window into the historical and sociological situation at the complex intersection of religion and secularism in Russia. The first edition came out in January 2014 and includes an article I translated from Russian to English.

To read this article, "The Pussy Riot Case and the Peculiarities of Russian Post-Secularism" by Dmitry Uzlaner, go to State, Religion and Church.

Initial reactions to this new journal have been very positive:

"I am very impressed with the journal's presentation and content. The level of English is exceptionally high - indeed better than many Anglo-American journals. The articles have a higher philosophical/theological content than would be normal in Western Europe, but that simply gives the journal a distinctive character."

- Distinguished sociologist of religion and Fellow of the British Academy David Martin

"This English language issue . . . looks splendid. It is very good to have high quality articles in English which describe and explain the religious situation in Russia for those of us who live elsewhere."

- Grace Davie, Professor emeritus of Sociology, University of Exeter

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