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In the summer of 2002, April led an international cultural exchange project to Tuva, a remote region in Siberia. I was a member of that team, which consisted of students from universities in Wyoming, Colorado, Michigan, and three Siberian cities. She led our team with grace, humility, and strength. Many of those who were on the team then went on to do additional work in international engagement.

Katie Loveland, MPH, MSW

Loveland Consulting, LLC

Helena, MT


Freshmen at the University of Wyoming

Laramie, WY (2019-2022)

April French is an amazing instructor! She cares about her students, and I would recommend any course taught by her.

I loved this class! April is such an amazing instructor, and I am so lucky to have been taught by her.

April is close to students and goes out of her way to help students find success.

Undergraduate Students at Brandeis University

Waltham, MA (2012-2017)

I think April's greatest strength as a teacher is her ability to learn with the students. She never talked down to students, even when we had difficulty understanding very complex texts. She was also very available for questions and seemed to take an interest in individual students.


She listens to the students and provides useful and valuable feedback. She is committed to students doing well.


Medical Students (2023-2024)

WyoWWAMI, University of Washington School of Medicine

April gave me tangible goals and helped me make a plan for my board exam study and test-taking approach. She also instilled in me confidence that I was lacking! I am very grateful that she makes herself available to help us during this stressful time. 

I sometimes have a hard time consolidating my thoughts into a coherent goal or strategy, but April was able to guide me through that. She was personal, and I felt like I could say whatever was on my mind. She was attentive and assumed the best. 



Pre-Health Undergraduate Students

University of Wyoming (2018-2023)

April French serves as a knowledgeable person I can go to if I am stressed about what I should be doing to prepare for medical school. She helps with grounding myself and focusing on one thing at a time. She provides advice and avenues for educational and out-of-classroom opportunities.

I am grateful for April's consistent patience and helpfulness! Lately I've heard some stories about pre-health advisors who discourage students from pursuing their chosen career, and those stories make me grateful to have a supportive advisor in my corner.


In 2011, Vancouver School of Theology faced the task of transitioning all student records to a new data management system, and April French was hired on contract to help us with this transition. She managed to successfully navigate the incredibly detailed and focused work of ensuring that all student transcripts were accurate, while collaborating well with our Registrar’s Office. And her work has stood the test of time; many years later, the work April was able to accomplish has meant that student transcripts continue to be produced accurately.


Rev. Dr. Pat Dutcher-Walls

Former Dean of Studies, Vancouver School of Theology

Vancouver, BC, Canada

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