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April L. French, Ph.D. is a higher education professional with training in education and history. A CONNECTOR, April facilitates academic success by ensuring that students have access to the right resources and expertise. She is passionate about building bridges between people. April is an ACTIVATOR who moves projects forward and produces deliverables in a timely fashion. She balances a keen attention to detail with a commitment to a team-driven vision for lasting results. An effective COMMUNICATOR, April is a talented public speaker who enjoys teaching and training a diverse audience. She has extensive experience in written communication in multiple contexts. April is a LEADER with a proven track record in leading international and cross-cultural teams and in the mentoring and advising of students individually and in groups. She also "leads from within" as a generous and collaborative member of teams led by others.

April formerly held positions as an Academic Affairs Support Lead with the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Brandeis University and a Senior Academic Advising Professional for the College of Health Sciences at the University of Wyoming. She is now an Academic Support Specialist with WWAMI Medical Education in Laramie, WY - a site of the University of Washington School of Medicine. For more on April's work experience, see her LinkedIn profile.

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